Everglades National Parks

Florida’s Everglades national Park

While on the political trail and traveling through the state of Florida I uncovered many things. Such as the economic verses environment battle that rages over the area. The Everglades national park in south Florida.  The park starts on the east coast of Florida Near Homestead Florida  and runs west just past Everglades city Fl. This area of the ten thousand islands south of the Big Cypress National Preserve has long been fought over for economic and environmental reasons. Like all things with the government it wants to control all things at the peril of local economics.Commercial fishermen whose way of life was changed after the park closed and they were forced out to find new work.





Tourist attractions Airboat rides

Finding work and a new economic base in Everglades city fl was not easy for this small town of fisherman. Tourist attractions and airboat tours becoming the main money maker. This was later threatened by the Big cypress national preserve When once more the town was told not here.The town business now run all the Everglades City air boat tours on a small slice of water ways controlled by the state.Other airboat companies like Everglades private airboat tour run own private lands.